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Dong Xiangxiang saw that Master Bai was really not in good condition, so he discussed with Xie San and took advantage of the weekend to take the whole family to go for an outing and have a picnic. Originally discussed at home, the old lady smiled and said, "I will not go, I look after the house." Master Bai looked at his wife and nodded in agreement. However, before leaving, Dong Xiangxiang received a phone call from Lu Hongying. It was said that a driver seemed to have seen Feng Qi when he was pulling people at the railway station. About 40 years old, 1.8 meters tall, dark skin, looks particularly energetic, but his eyes are somewhat stupefied. He was also carrying a snakeskin bag, especially because the man had six fingers on his left hand. As soon as Master Bai heard this description, he was sure that the man was Feng Qi. Lu Hongying said that he immediately took the driver to find Master Bai. In this way, Master Bai will have to stay at home and wait for news. Mrs. Bai did not trust her husband to stay at home alone, so she had to stay with him. Instead, he advised Xie San and Dong Xiangxiang to take the three children out and relax. The matter has come to this point, and this is the only way. Xie San set off in his car. They went to the Capital Ruins Park. There was no admission fee. Anyone could go in. At this time, it was June, and there was a green grassland and bamboo forest. Bamboo forests were planted on the artificial hillsides, and there were stone tables and benches in the bamboo forests. Just find a place to have a picnic. Down the hillside, there is a man-made river. There are stone bridges on the river,cosmetic plastic tube, stone platforms along the river, both stone bridges and stones are carefully carved, and later experienced wind and rain, contaminated with a lot of historical flavor. This ruins park is not far from Xie's home, which is a rare place to rest. Adults can relax in the bamboo forest and enjoy the bamboo green space by the way. Children can also run and jump when they come here. You can also fly kites in the open space. Dong Xiangxiang simply put on the chair cushion and sat down on the stone bench, quietly looking at the bamboo around her. She wanted to hold the clever little monkey sister over, but it happened that the little monkey sister, who had always been quiet,empty lotion tubes, came here and suddenly became a little excited. She pulled her father's sleeve and asked him to take her to play. No way, Xie San had to take her daughter and take her around the bamboo garden. By the way, I took Huanhuan to fly a kite. The little monkey sister was taken away, and Dong Xiangxiang had to hold the little monkey brother tightly. As soon as the little monkey brother arrived in the park, he was so excited that he couldn't calm down at all. Usually he was kept at home and could only climb the old tree with a crooked neck. At most, he was taken by his parents to the dog tail alley for a walk. It is difficult to get such a large bamboo space, surrounded by bamboo and green space. At the moment, the little monkey brother just wants to run and play crazily. Dong Xiangxiang had been holding him at the stone table, looking at the luggage and the picnic basket. Xie San took the little monkey sister away, and she refused to let the little monkey brother fool around. I'm afraid something will happen to the naughty child when he is away from home. At first, the little monkey brother was obedient and reluctantly endured, letting his mother hold his hand. However, after waiting for a long time, my father and sister did not come back. Brother Monkey suddenly couldn't help it. With his mother taking fruit for him to eat, cosmetic tube packaging ,plastic cosmetic tubes, he ran quickly to the foot of the earth hill and the opposite side of the bridge. The child runs so blindly, Dong Xiangxiang is also anxious, hurriedly puts down the apple in the hand, also does not care about the picnic basket, immediately lifts the foot to chase the son. But the little monkey brother ran very fast, Dong Xiangxiang was late, and it was a little hard to catch up. The little monkey brother was like a happy pony. He didn't pay attention to his feet at all and ran to the grass. There is the exposed faucet in the grass. The little monkey brother didn't pay attention to it, so he tripped over it directly and fell down. This time, the fall is not light, Dong Xiangxiang is far away, want to stop him can not stop. The little monkey brother was really hurt. "Wow," he cried at the top of his voice. As soon as he tripped and cried, he alarmed the middle-aged man sitting on the recliner next to him. The man was tall and strong, and looked like he was in his early forties. His skin was dark, but his facial features were very regular. Thirty years later, the little girls will say that this is also a handsome and vicissitudes uncle. At this time, the man's condition is not good. He looked at the river, his eyes a little stupefied. It was not until the little monkey brother cried out that he woke up like a dream, stood up hurriedly, ran to the little monkey brother, and picked up the child.
"What are you running around for?" He said? Your mom and dad don't care about you? At this time, the little monkey brother stared at him with his big foggy eyes and did not care to cry. The middle-aged man said as he gently patted the grass on the little monkey brother. By the way, I checked his little arms and legs. Although, I was scolded by a strange uncle. But the little monkey brother is not afraid of him. This man has a very familiar smell. The little monkey brother did not recognize strangers, but naturally wanted to be close to him. Because it was on the grass, and there was a straw cushion, the little monkey brother did not have a broken wound. It's just, there's a bruise on the knee. But it also scares middle-aged men. He hurriedly carried the child to the chair, took out a silver flagon from the snakeskin bag, poured out the white wine and rubbed it on the child's legs. It hurts Brother Monkey shook his legs to show that he was unhappy. You have to rub it first, or your leg will be blue tomorrow, and it will hurt for several days. As soon as the man explained in a gentle voice, the little monkey brother became honest. The little boy, four or five years old, is smart and sensible, just like his son when he was a child. Thinking of his son who died early, the middle-aged man could not help but feel sad, and his tears fell down and could not stop. The little monkey brother was already a little sensible by this time. When he saw his uncle crying, he put his hand gently on his uncle's face. Uncle doesn't cry. Brother Monkey stopped crying. When he said this, he was still crying a little, and there was a great feeling that if the uncle was crying, he would open his throat and cry. Seeing this, the middle-aged man was both angry and amused, so he had to wipe away his tears in some confusion and coax him casually, "Well, uncle won't cry, and neither will you.". By the way,plastic laminted tube, why do you call the little monkey brother? The little monkey brother said, "There is a monkey sister, and I am the monkey brother." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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