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Standing in front of a few guys, is to open their mouths together, sonorous and forceful answer, but also to frighten the political commissar Xu, his heart can not stop the belly, with you a few crooked melon crack jujube, also too take yourself seriously, but he can only think in his heart, did not say it. You just give up that heart! Do you know you want to die when you compete with Zhang Yi in martial arts? Commissar Xu, who was a little inflamed, began to teach these guys a lesson directly. He didn't expect that his temper had always been very good, but it seemed that he was very angry with these guys. Know Everyone answered at the same time. Damn it! I'm speechless to you guys. Why on earth? Looking at the people who were still there with their big eyes fluttering, Commissar Xu was not angry. There is no reason, we just want to follow Zhang Yi mix, feel good pull the wind! A guy who looked a bit like Xu Sanduo, shyly speaking to Commissar Xu, and hearing what this guy said, Commissar Xu wanted to curse in his heart, and these guys couldn't say anything clearly, which made him worry blindly here. Chapter 232 a tough life. Think about it, unless it is a fool, otherwise it is impossible to have such a person, but also want to compete with Zhang Yi that kind of abnormal,plastic pallet manufacturer, this is the same as their own death. Appeared on the deck of an aircraft carrier, looking at the foot of such a huge thing, Zhang Yi is still very shocked, I do not know the strength of the small crystal, can this big guy, to get into the space inside. While Zhang Yi was thinking about this, the little crystal was a little anxious. Zhang Yi ran to someone else's aircraft carrier and started to stay. If you didn't act quickly, you would be dead when others found out. So he quickly passed a warning to Zhang Yi: "Hurry up and don't be in a daze." Although I didn't explain anything to myself, it's enough to have this sentence. I'm just worrying about it blindly. Can I try it! Still here to think of the worry,plastic pallet crates, think about the coverage area of the United States satellite, now I am afraid it has locked itself! Give the small crystal an OK gesture, the other hand has begun to reach the deck of the ship, in the United States satellite monitoring room, the staff that saw the ghost of the expression inside, saw this huge object, in the naked eye can see the situation, slowly fading. Not a minute, the entire aircraft carrier, even the people and aircraft above the same in the fade, as if there was a layer of fog, and finally disappeared, Zhang Yi, who was still working hard, finally felt empty at his feet and fell directly into the sea. Just because the ship is too big, Zhang Yi's mental strength consumption is also very big, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, now Zhang Yi is still slowly sinking in the sea, but the various functions of the body, but constantly recovering. Zhang Yi stood on the sea, as if he had stepped on something, only a head leaked out, looking at the chaotic sea, big and small boats constantly searching for something here, Zhang Yi frowned. Suddenly, a speedboat rushed overhead. Zhang Yi, who couldn't stand it, appeared in the cabin of a warship. Fortunately, there was no one here. Seeing the mountains of things, Zhang Yi realized that this was the warehouse of the warship. No hesitation and pity, or close to the hull, a wave covered the entire warship, now the ship seems to be a little smaller, soon Zhang Yi was done, or when everyone was stunned, another cruiser disappeared in everyone's line of sight. The intelligence officers of various countries who are still staring at the satellite are about to go crazy when they see such a strange scene. They either sink to the bottom of the sea or are sunk. When such a situation disappears for no reason, they don't know how to report it to the leaders. This time, Zhang Yixue was so clever that he was not thrown into the sea and turned into a drowned rat. His figure flashed to another ship. His figure was so fast that even the satellite could not see it clearly.
Still using the same method, an aircraft carrier formation, plus an aircraft carrier escort battle group, was simply broken up by Zhang Yi. Seeing that the situation was not right, there were only eight warships and aircraft carriers that could turn around and escape. More than 10 other ships, as they watched helplessly, disappeared so inexplicably and inexplicably that they did not even leave a slag as a souvenir. Thomson and Rowe, commanders of the aircraft carrier formation, were now sweating profusely, shouting at the headquarters in front of them: "All ships turn right 30 degrees, and increase their horsepower to the direction of the East Ocean." After a while, he received a sparse reply: "I understand!" "Roger that!" "Yes!" Hearing the answer from the microphone, Thomson and Rowe, commanders of the carrier formation, collapsed in their headquarters. He knew that he was finished this time. Even if he returned to the other side of the ocean, he would be court-martialed. Later life is not so leisurely, but also want to stand on the deck to enjoy the sea breeze, or go to various countries along the way, enjoy the local conditions and customs, and then do something inappropriate for children with the beautiful women there, it seems that there will be no such opportunity in the future. His fate was more miserable than those who were defeated. Looking at the sea in front of him, he wanted to know what had happened today, but our classmate Zhang Yi would certainly not give him this chance. Zhang Yi, who was still busy, found that there were only five of their ships and wanted to eat the rest in one breath, but his mental strength had bottomed out and it seemed that he had to find a place to rest. The place where Zhang Yi reappeared happened to be an elixir storehouse, and without the guidance of mental strength, he came to a daunting place. Looking at the weapons in front of him, Zhang Yi, who wanted to have a rest, felt that his sweat kept flowing and could not stop at all. Even if he breathed deeply, he could not calm down much,plastic pallet containers, and he was still so excited. While Zhang Yi was busy working, the country's top leaders were also staring at the satellite, watching helplessly as an aircraft carrier battle group of the United States and the East disappeared without even a splash. binpallet.com

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