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"She's going to college soon, and she'll move away. What's the hurry?" Lin Jinyan understands his mother's temper, and now admits that she is afraid that she will try her best to send Jane away. But he has been very busy recently, a lot of trouble, afraid of busy up can not take good care of Jane, simply temporarily find an excuse, want to wait for this busy period to finish slowly to do the work at home. Hearing this, Xu Li was stunned and a little incredulous. "Really?" Lin Jinyan's "um" was a tacit acceptance. Xu Li was silent for a while, and then she didn't say anything more. She pulled Lin Jinyan and said, "Then you can come back this weekend. There is a girl who wants you to meet. Of course, it's not necessary for you to associate with her, but to meet her and see if it's suitable." "I've been so busy lately that I really don't have time." "When do you have time?" "We'll talk about it then." Lin Jinyan answered impatiently. Seeing that he was annoyed again, Xu Li sighed and said, "OK, I won't urge you. Even your father and I don't know how long we can live and whether we can have grandchildren in our lifetime." This has been said many times, Lin Jinyan has heard numb, sitting on the sofa, half a pit. The atmosphere was not good, and Xu Li didn't want to stay here for fun. She stood up from the sofa and said, "Then I'll go back first. If I have time, I'll go home more. Don't be afraid of urging marriage." Lin Jinyan "Hum", this just stands up from sofa, say: "I send you to go out. Xu Li looked at him, and when she looked back, she took a glance in the direction of the dining room,side impact beams, and then lifted her feet and walked out. Lin Jinyan sent his mother out, and Jane came out of the dining room, her eyes red, her hands pinching her palms tightly. Just now Lin Jinyan's words she all heard, originally also mistakenly thought that he also somewhat likes her, after all he is so good to her, always lets her have the heart feeling which the deer bumps randomly. But now it seems that she is all self-sentimental. He felt sorry for her, as he had probably said at first. Thinking that Lin Jinyan had already decided to let her move out when she was in college, her heart was like being pricked by a needle,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and her eyes were a little sour. She hurriedly raised her head, blinked her eyes, and held back her tears. Lin Jinyan sent his mother away. When he came back, he went to the dining room to look for Jane Wei. It was empty and no one was there. Jane, where is it? He walked into the kitchen, shouting as he went. But when I went in, it was still not there. Lin Jinyan from the dining room to find the kitchen, and from the kitchen out, to find the activity room, the first floor completely no simple figure, shouted for a long time no one answered him. He went upstairs and looked in Jane's room, which was empty and empty. But when I came out, I heard the sound of water in the laundry room. He raised the corners of his mouth and headed for the laundry room. Jane stood in front of the laundry pool and was bowing her head to wash clothes. Lin Jinyan walked over and saw her rubbing his shirt in her hand, with a gentle smile in her eyes. "Why did you run up?" Jane hung her head without looking at him and said, "You talk to your mother, and I'm not very good down there." Lin Jinyan smiled, his arms around his chest, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, his body lazily leaning against the door frame, accompanying Jane Wei. Jane was washing her clothes carefully, her eyes fixed on her, not daring to blink. After a long silence, Lin Jinyan suddenly asked her, "Have you decided which school to fill in?" "No, wait for the results." "Must you fill in the school in Beijing?" Jane originally thought so, stay in Beijing, a little closer to Lin Jinyan. But now, she doesn't know. Thought for a while, said: "Not necessarily, may also go to the field." When Lin Jingyan heard this, his eyebrows tightened and his tone lowered a little. "Why?" "There's no reason. I grew up here and suffered a lot. I want to start over in another place." The more Lin Jinyan listened, the uglier his face became. "Is there anything worth missing here?" He asked in a deep voice. Jane pursed her lips and said, "No." Lin Jinyan's whole face was black, staring at Jane Wei, and he did not speak again for a long time. Jian Wei did not look up at him and washed his clothes by himself. I do not know how long, she heard footsteps to go out, and then heard a "bang" to slam the door. When the sound of slamming the door sounded, Jane Wei finally slowly raised his head, his eyes fell on the place where Lin Jinyan had just stood, and his mood was extremely low. Maybe she shouldn't have been tempted in the first place.
But such an excellent and perfect man, is a girl will be tempted, right? …… At noon, Jane was folding clothes in the room. Aunt Lan came up and called her to eat. She answered, put the folded clothes into the cabinet, and got up to go downstairs. Lin Jinyan was already sitting at the table, still a little angry, and did not call her when he saw Jane coming down. Jane Wei also ignored him, went to the seat, pulled out the chair and sat down. At ordinary times, the two of them had already had a lively chat. Today, no one paid any attention to anyone. Aunt Lan looked at them and couldn't help feeling a little strange. She thought to herself: Did these two people have a quarrel? Just as he was thinking about it, he saw Lin Jinyan put a piece of fish into a simple bowl, and the bones of the fish were clean and full of fish. Eat more. Reluctant to be angry with her, or take the initiative to find a way out. Jane looked at the bowl suddenly more fish, a few seconds, and then picked up, returned to Lin Jinyan, said: "I do not want to eat." Lin Jinyan's face, which had just softened, suddenly sank again, his eyebrows wrinkled and his eyes fixed on Jane. Jian Wei did not look at him and ate his own meal. After a while, he stood up and said to Aunt Lan, "Eat slowly." Aunt Lan didn't know why, so she smiled and said, "Oh, OK." When Jane went out, Aunt Lan could not control her curiosity and asked Lin Jinyan, "Sir, did you quarrel with Weiwei?" Lin Jinyan frowned and his face was not good. "What am I quarreling with a little girl?" But in the morning, when Jianwei said he was leaving Beijing and felt that there was nothing to miss here, he was really angry. How can you say that there is no nostalgia? He has no weight in her heart? Lin Jinyan came out of the dining room, but Jian Wei was not in the living room. He went upstairs, stood at Jane's door,Cold Drawn Tubes, and knocked. Jane heard a knock on the door and answered, "Come in." He unscrewed the door and went in. In the room, Jane is playing on the table to paste clothes for the doll. cbiesautomotive.com

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