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Qin Tian noticed it ahead of time, but his reaction could not keep up. Superior God?! That speed Qin Tian simply can not react, even if all the power of the Demon God burst out can not be avoided, clenched teeth, protect the mind. "Bang!" "Bang!" A blow to the abdomen. A blow to the back. One punch, one leg. The two blows were so painful that he almost fainted. A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth, and his body flew out and hit the wall directly before he stopped. The wall sank in and the cracks of the spider web spread out. Wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth, Qin Tian looked slightly and murmured, "Twins?" Two people who feel the same. Hey, hey. "It was really cool just now, and you two are a little interesting." Qin Tian shook his neck, stepped in the air, and walked up step by step. Everyone here is very strong, fighting experience is extremely rich, their tombstones are engraved with outstanding achievements, in the heart of Qin Tian. These people are really strong, fearless and strong. Kill! Qin Tian suddenly moved. He turned into a figure and rushed up from four directions. As unreal as real. The twin brothers did not move,lutein eye complex, as if everything was seen through, and the expression on their faces was the same as that of the others, without expression. Amazing! "" Not yet, two punches, followed by four, eight. Sixteen punches.. From four directions! "Bang.". Boom. ,,” …… Qin Tian felt that every punch was blocked. He threw more than a thousand punches in a second,jujube seed powder, all of which were blocked. Superior God! "Is this the power of the superior God?" …… Qin Tian had no time to be shocked, his fists suddenly closed, and there were still countless phantoms of fists in the air. With the help of phantoms, he slipped out a streamer and rushed directly to the twins. He smiled softly at the corners of his mouth, "Go to hell!" Knowing that it is a superior God. They know there's no way to win, but they suddenly rush in front of them. I'm afraid this move can only be done by Qin Tian. Obviously. The twin brothers did not expect Qin Tian to suddenly rush up. But there was still no expression in their eyes, and both fists came out at the same time. "Hey, hey!" "Die." Qin Tian's body suddenly disappeared. The other direction. An afterimage carries the double fists of divine power to crush down. Left and right double fists directly beat down the twin brothers of the superior God, falling vertically into the sea of blood, splashing two blood flowers, no longer emerging, Qin Tian arrogantly roared, best green coffee bean extract ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, heavily shouted: "Come again!!!" "Boss." "Something's wrong, boss." "They are neither the middle gods nor the upper gods." …… The Bull Demon King observed confidently and did not miss any details. He found one thing. Just in the battle, these people all did not use divine power, only by their own strength and body skills in the battle with Qin Tian, in addition to the strange power on the magic weapon, there is no divine power at all. How did this happen? The Bull Demon King said in a loud voice, "Boss, they have no divine power.." Suddenly. Qin Tian's eyes were startled. He just focused on the battle and didn't think about it at all. When the Bull Demon King mentioned it, he noticed it and murmured, "No divine power?"? Are they letting me? Are you deliberately letting me? What exactly is the situation? The eighth floor. It's so weird. These are all powerful people who are famous for a time. If they can fight themselves without divine power. Think of this. Qin Tian extremely shocked, this is to say, they only rely on their own fighting skills in the fight, relying on the body to resist the release of my divine power? Horror! If that's the case, they're too tough. If so.. What will be on the ninth floor? Anyone who enters the ninth level, if so, how can he defeat the remaining 490 strong people? "There must be something else I haven't noticed." "There must be." Qin Tian looked at a sound flying into the air, thinking crazily in his mind, thinking about everything he had seen when he came in. Suddenly. Think of a grave. There is no one in the tomb, and that person is hiding the secret! He has a way to take the body in the grave, which means there must be a way to avoid these powerful people! Chapter 551, live and die together. The first chapter is delivered.
Lao Niu is very grateful for your support. Thank you. ———— How did he get to the eighth floor? And how did he open the grave and take the body? Since he entered the eighth floor, he must have known that the entrance to the ninth floor was there. Why did he wait for us, just for revenge? Could it be. Do you really need to give your life to open the ninth floor?! Think of this. Qin Tian was cold, his eyes sank secretly, and he thought over and over again in his mind that a series of things had happened in his brain several times since the secret was resurrected, and he did not find anything special. No reason. "There must be something I missed, there must be." …… Qin Tian was suspended in midair, frowning. Whoosh.. "Whoosh.." …… Three times in a row, three shadows fell, two middle gods, one upper God, staring at Qin Tian with an expressionless face, instantly attacked! "Boss, be careful!" Qin Tian's eyes shook, and the divine power on his body surged out. This time, instead of attacking, they used all their divine powers to speed up and avoid their attacks. These people have a lot of experience in fighting, and they can compete with their own divine powers just by their physical skills. Extremely horrible existence. Moreover. There are more than four hundred strong people here,turmeric extract powder, and it is difficult for him to eliminate them by himself. The most urgent task is to figure out how to dig the grave successfully. Boom! "Boom.." Qin Tian's palms broke out in a cold sweat. He turned his head sideways and glanced at the seat just now. There was a strong crash. Pure strength came into play. He secretly said in his heart: "This can't go on like this. All the strong people in the sea of blood are ready to move. If they attack in groups, even if they have the power of the superior God, they can't resist it." "Where is it?" "How on earth did you hide the secret?" ……。 prius-biotech.com

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