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Fame, fame, fame, was all in vain. He really didn't care, he told himself. He only cared about what he believed in, and maybe he could get his final entertainment from people's surprised and angry reactions when the time came, he thought. 921 When Guan Xiaoxi woke up, she saw something that made her almost drop her jaw-Yan came back, her master, who had been invincible and omnipotent in the vertical and horizontal network for more than ten years, known as the God of computers, who dealt with the keyboard and mouse all day long and typed faster than he spoke, was, in, using, paper, pen, one, pen, one, stroke, ground, write, letter! "Are you awake?" Yan Gui frowned at someone's mouth and the saliva on his clothes. "Don't sleep like this next time," he said. "You'll catch a cold." Master, where are you. A letter? Kuan Hsiao-hsi still couldn't believe it. In her memory, she had never seen Master hold a pen, still less had she ever seen him write,die cast light housing, let alone write in such a solemn way. She didn't know how long he had been writing with a thick stack of letter paper and a pen tip. A person who types faster than speaking and thinks faster than CPU does not send EMAIL, but writes letters to people in such a primitive way-what kind of person has such glory! Guan Xiaoxi obviously didn't think it was a love letter to her. 922 Yan came back and waved so that she didn't have to worry about it. Guan Xiaoxi naturally did not dare to see it. Looking in the mirror in the washroom and touching his lips, Guan Xiaoxi still recalled the passion of last night. Look at the master like this, he's not angry anymore, and he still pretends to be a person who has nothing to do. Guan Xiaoxi lowered his head and picked his toothbrush bristles. Would you like to attack him again? Master, my heart is full of these two words. I lower my head and look up, and my mind is full of a dragonfly's kiss. Eh? Wait! Incorrect! Guan Xiaoxi, who had just taken off her clothes and stepped into the bathtub with half a foot to take a bath, suddenly stumbled and remembered a huge mistake in her "final version of the honorary assistant of the stationmaster."! In the language logic part of AI, she refers to the source code of the inflatable doll,DIN screw plug, which is produced by a Japanese company, Japanese.. Japanese Oh my God! How could she forget the difference between Japanese grammar and Chinese. This difference, as long as it is a slightly more complex sentence, will become logical confusion, misjudgment.. Oh, God, Mary Sue. Kill her all. Guan Xiaoxi rushed out of the bathroom in a panic and went straight to the computer. 923 Turn it on, enter the password, ah, password, password.. Come to think of it, boot, loading is so slow, ah, damn, broken computer, hurry up, please. Program folders, where are they? Oh, car radiator cap ,metal stamping parts, how can the damn brain be so confused. Found it! Quickly open the modification, ah, no, this is the backup of the previous version, NND, where is her latest saved version. Disk D? Oh, yes, she remembered to transfer to the D disk, open it quickly, the language logic part. Found, this is the file, modify, modify, subject, object, predicate, all need to exchange the order.. But also to revise the judgment results, ah yes, but also to correct the error of clearing the negative money. Yes, add an if statement.. When she finally finished sweating profusely, she looked up and saw that Master had disappeared again. Where's Master? She remembered that she had just heard the sound of the door being thrown again. The author has something to say: This article is about … … HE.. Why don't you believe that I am a real mother? 0924-0932 924 Time flowed forward calmly, without staying on anyone for more than half a minute. In a twinkling of an eye, it was the Spring Festival of 2005. The streets were decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. Guan Xiaoxi's heart also jumped up again after the streaking incident. A better news is that under the turnover of Yan's return, Guan Pengfei's various criminal records were dug out. The man, who had nothing to do with pornography, gambling and drugs, was eventually sentenced to fifteen years in prison for numerous crimes. He also had to pay a large sum of money to Guan's mother and daughter. Of course, Guan Xiaoxi didn't expect to get the money. She only hoped that the man would be released fifteen years later and would not come to retaliate against them again. Fortunately, Yan came back and said to her, "You will be independent after all, Xiaoxi. You are my apprentice and my pride.".
” The dark eyes were deeper than ever. Guan Xiaoxi heard his words clearly, but could not understand what was in the deepest part of his eyes. Something he couldn't say, something he wanted her to understand, something she couldn't understand and didn't want to understand. But I want to be with Master forever. She looked up into his eyes and said earnestly. 925 A large cool hand rested on her soft forelock. How is that possible? Yan returns to sink the voice, the voice is like the eternal night in the eyes, even if a trace of waves are not, "You later, want to fall in love, want to get married, want." To give birth to a child, you should have a normal life. You can't stay with Master forever. Calm tone, trying to hide his reluctance, he showed his most ruthless face, like facing a Nangong Daxia who stepped on his head on the wealth list. That Where is Master? "I have my life, too." The stationmaster of the Chinese Hacker Club turned away. Unexpectedly, his increasingly bold disciple quickly stretched out his hands and forcibly turned his face over. She hooked his neck, regardless of his burning ears. She shouted almost recklessly, "Why fall in love with someone else, marry and have a child? I don't want to have a child with anyone else except Master!" 926 Dish Yan came back and slammed the door for the third time. 927 Guan Xiaoxi rolled around on the sofa with chagrin. Whoo. She is too impulsive. She will frighten the master. No matter how tough his nerves are, he can't stand her attack. Guan Xiaoxi has a big face. However, according to the experience of Ye Yingying, who read romance novels extensively, the master should have no ill feelings towards her. At least, do not hate her, otherwise, will not endure and she stayed under the same roof for so long, in her various crit, he still did not drive her away. If he didn't like her, he would refuse, right? But he didn't. So she still has hope,titanium machining parts, Guan Xiaoxi comforted himself, slamming the door or something, is not to refuse it. But why did he refuse to accept her. autoparts-dx.com

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