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They are respected as the top masters in Jianghu! However Ha Ha Ha It was a child's play before Ben Xian! "In the sound of laughter, I suddenly saw black steel thorns with a length of nearly a foot appear in the demon fog, and they shot at the four groups of swords and four women from all directions." Ah! A lot of spikes. Protect yourself quickly. "Block those steel needles." Careful "Sisters, cut off those black thorns with your swords." "No!"! No way! We can't separate. If we stab him from behind, he will suffer! In a panic, the four women immediately retreated their swords to the front of their bodies, so that the four swords were connected with each other, forming a colorful flashing mask to protect the four women's bodies, blocking thousands of black steel thorns and demon fog. Then I heard another shrill voice say doubtfully, "Eh?"? Big brother, these four women. You have to be careful, don't fall into their tricks. According to the "Lady of the White Bones" sent by the Ghost King to consult with us, she once said that they could all offer sacrifices to several kinds of Dharma objects, so it is uncertain that they still have powerful evil hands. "Ha.." Ha Ha Second brother! Our "Three Immortals of Bashan" have known each other all over the world in the three thousand and eight hundred years of cultivation. Have you ever met a Taoist friend who refused to accept the provocation and let them get away with it? The ghost king. Sniff. Although he dominated the underworld, he only had a magic base for more than two thousand years. Moreover, he had already been banned by the Taoist amulet. Therefore, the magic base was naturally very weak. Of course,iron nail machine, it was very easy to be defeated by the siege of several premeditated children and the "underworld". The "Lady of Bones" also said that when the "Confucianism and Taoism" broke into the Ghost King Cave during the day, the Ghost King ignored the decline of the magic base during the day and appeared to block it. Shang refined "Confucianism and Taoism" to the point that he almost died, if it were not for the "ghost emperors of the five directions" of the "underworld". Lead the crowd to support, otherwise "Confucianism and Taoism" would have lost their souls! It can be seen that these children are shallow in Taoism and can only subdue some Taoist friends and ghosts who are weak in Taoism, but how can they compete with us? After the words fell, there was silence, and after a moment,Iron Nail Making Machine, the shrill voice laughed and said, "Hey … …" Hey. Or the eldest brother is highly intelligent and observant. No wonder the third brother just made a move on the first day of junior high school and made the two monkeys squeak and flee, but the third brother chased them out of the city happily, and.. Eldest brother, four girls that red girl body, although there is little monastic supernatural spirit, but the younger brother really smell her fox smell! So Hey. Hey. Eldest brother, after taking them, give her to the younger brother? "Ha.." Ha Ha Why is that so hard? Actually her that fox spirit and the second younger brother wolf spirit also are a family, certainly also ascends matches some! Ha Ha Ha Why don't you take over and fight her alone? "Good.." OK Little brother fights her alone! The three of them will have Big Brother Lao! As expected, a ferocious and ferocious red-eyed wolf appeared in the demon fog, and the "Fire Sword" was actually a refined "red-eyed wolf" yuan Fetus. Originally, Nail production machine ,Automatic nail machine, there were four enemies at one time, and the only defensive force that seemed to be quite tight in the joint efforts of the four female swords was suddenly thrown into the battle by the "red-eyed wolf". Of course, it was even more critical. The light curtain condensed by the four-color sword light shrank and gradually dimmed into a light curtain of less than twenty feet. It seemed that it would take less than an hour to destroy the treasure, eliminate the Tao, and be controlled by others. Shit! "The sisters will resist with all their might. As long as the childe comes, they can be killed easily." "Yes.." Yes Everybody, hold on! Would it be strange if I didn't chop them up with a sword? "Elder sister, where is Honglang?"? Why don't you come quickly? "Don't worry, Third Sister. Hong Lang must be killing other evil spirits elsewhere. As long as he succeeds, he will come. Then we'll see if they can still be rampant." "Ha.." Ha Ha Girls, don't be delusional.
Let's die of this heart! When we came here, we already had a plan to deal with it, and Liu Wa'er was probably with the "Lady of Bones". The mother-daughter six are at war with each other. Hey.. Hey. Hey. It's a pity that the immortal brothers don't have such a good eye. Look at the mother and daughter of the old ghost woman who like to seduce men and suck their essence. What kind of lascivious and obsequious skills that men can't bear? "Hey.." Hey. Milo. Eldest brother! Had it not been for the fact that the six mothers and daughters of the old ghost woman were fond of smoking men, and that they were extremely cruel regardless of their faces, otherwise they would have been so horny that they could not help themselves. Sniff. Sniff. Little brother also wants to enjoy it once! "Hi!"! Second brother, don't think about it! With eldest brother, I like women very much, and I can't have women every day, but eldest brother, I dare not provoke the old ghost woman! "Hey.." Hey. Don't worry, big brother! Although the younger brother always sees them when the color heart moves greatly, but in order to be able to save the base and life, at most is to see and eat some dessert, which dare to invite death? When the four girls heard this, they knew that their husband had been lured to a certain place to fight with the "Lady of Bones" of unknown origin. It seems that the "White Bone Lady" and her five daughters are fierce ghosts who like to seduce men for pleasure and then absorb the essence of men. Therefore, there is another sour feeling in the anxiety of the four women, hoping that the husband will not be fascinated by them to do that thing, otherwise. At that moment, two figures slowly emerged from the demon fog, one was a strong yellow-robed old man with a dignified look, the other was a thin and sinister old man, all staring at the four women in the cover with an evil smile. When the four women saw the two of them appear, they immediately looked at each other with great joy, and their skills suddenly doubled. "Fiery Sword", "Xuanyin Sword", "Silver Electric Sword" and "Sky Thunder Sword." All of them were in full swing. And I saw the four girls waving their jade hands, and in an instant, "Amethyst Heart." "Taiyin Jade Charm", "Flying Electron Microscope" and "Sky Thunder Drum" have conjured up a sharp and exquisite awn to cover the two men's heads. " Ha Ha Ha Sure enough, the girl again. Eh? Not good "Ah!"! Big brother,Nail machine supplier, go. "Cough." Cough. Cough. Still trying to escape? Stay! "It's covered." Sure enough, they were lured out. "Cover them with all your strength." If they are tempered, most of the disaster will be gone! "Yes!"! Can they still boast? Pick up aunt Fa Wu. 3shardware.com

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